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Forklift Extensions
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Our forklift extensions come fully assembled.The forklift extensions have a safety yellow finish. We currently have all sizes in stock. This item usually ships within (24) hours, and takes from (3-5) days to be delivered. Forklift extensions are available in the sizes below...
6'' W x 60
6'' W x 72''
6'' W x 96''
$229 pr
$259 pr
Not Available
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Forklift Extension Tapered Entry Point :
The taper on this pair of forklift extensions allows for easier insertion into a load. This is optimal for efficiency and ease of use.
Forklift Extension Welded on Safety Loop:
The welded on safety loop on this forklift extension provides the ultimate in safety for forklift extensions. The loop ensures that the load when properly loaded does not cause the forklift extensions to become unsecured from the forklift. This safety loop is safer than most ''quick release'' systems because it relies on a welded thick loop of steel instead of single pull pin.
.....Forklift Extensions - Shipping information
Shipping information
Forklift Extension Shipping information
We shop almost daily for new shipping carriers to deliver our forklift extensions, in fact we usually ship with different carriers in the same week. We use dependable companies like UPS, Central Freight, SAIA and others. We ship forklift extensions a lot and therefore can offer great discounts to our customers. Due to the rising fuel costs and surcharges we can no longer guarantee freight charges. Please call for a quote or we would be happy to ship with
any carrier you prefer, collect to you.
Order Information
..... Forklift Extensions - Order information
Forklift extensions can be ordered Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm (central time). We currently accept Visa, Master Card and American Express for purchasing forklift extensions. American Express; please add 3.5% surcharge. After placing an order expect to receive either a return e-mail or a call confirming your order & providing you with a quote for freight and a final
cost for your approval before we process your credit card.
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Forklift Extension - OSHA Requirements:
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Forklift Extension - Specifications:
The specifications for the forklift extensions are as follows...
Heavy Duty steel constructions; fits unto forks up to 50mm (2'') thickness
Forklift Extensions outside measurement are 7 1/8'' (outside of safety loop) 6.25'' inside.
These forklift extensions will fit up to a 6'' fork that is up to 2'' thick.

Forklift Fork Extensions from ARS Inc Materials Handling. ARS Inc provides a variety of products for the materials handling industry.

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